Below you will find answers to many of our most frequently asked questions.

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+ Is Parasailing Safe?

Safety is our highest priority!

We operate state of the art, meticulously maintained
equipment as well as the latest industy standard safety equipment.

Our captains are highly trained and U.S. Coast Guard Licensed. We operate parasail operations year round at multiple locations in New Jersey and Florida, and have flown tens of thousands of customers
with a 100% Safety Record!

+ Do I need any experience?

No experience is necessary to enjoy parasailing

+ Are there age Limits?

Participants under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardians signature.

Participants under the age of 13 may be required to fly with a responsible older comapanion.

Children under the age of 6 may not be able to fly due to size limitations imposed by our harnesses.

+ Are there Weight limits?

Yes. For safety purposes, combined flyer weight must be between 150lbs and 500lbs

Due to changing wind and ocean condtions, these limits may change througout the day. Your captain will determine safe limits at the time of your flight and accomodate your group accoridingly.

The minimum safe weight for young children to fit safe in one of our harnesses is aprroximately 35lbs

+ Other Restrictions?

Due to the nature of parasailing and of the boat ride it requires, we will be unable to accommodate those who:

- Are Pregnant
- Suffer from neck or back pain
- Suffer from heart conditions
- Appear under the influence of drugs or alcohol

+ How long is each trip?

Approximately 90 minutes total, with 10-12 minutes of flight time for each group.

+ What Should I Wear?

We reccomend that you wear a bathing suit or comfortable clothing that is ok to get wet.
We also suggest sandals or other footwear that you can remove easily before you fly.

+ Pre-trip checklist?

Wear sunscreen! Your trip may last up to 90 minutes and the sun is hot.

Hydrate! Again, you may be on the boat, in the sun, for up to 90 minutes.

Bring a towel to dry off if you think you may choose to be "dipped"!

+ May I bring my own camera of phone to take pictures?

Yes. But please be aware that you do so at your own risk.

FlyOCNJ is not liable for loss or damage to your personal electronics.

+ Will I get wet?

Not necessarily, but getting wet is half the fun!

At the end of your flight, you have the option for a controlled "dip"
where your captain will slow the boat enough to allow you to skim the water.

This portion of the ride is optional, but highly reccomended!

+ Do I need a reservation

Reservations are highly recomended.

Space is limited to 12 passengers total per trip.
This is a non-flexible Coast Guard Safety Regulation.

We are unable to guarantee a seat on any departure without a prior reservation.

We Recommend booking your trip at least 3 days in advance and we suggest flying early in the week as Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are our busiest and least flexible days.

+ What is the cancellation policy?

We require 24 hours notice prior to your trips scheduled departure time to provide a full refund.

Cancellations made after this time may not be eligible for a full refund

Weather related cancellations are determined by the management are 100% refundable.

+ Do you offer photo packages?

Yes. HD Digitial photo packages are available for $30.

We use Canon Rebel DSLR Cameras equipped with a telephoto lens to capture 50 - 60 high definition photos of your experience.

Our crew will deliver your photos directly to your Apple or Android Device or provide you with a downloadable web-link.

You may keep your 16gb SD Card for an additional $10 charge at the end of your trip.

+ Can I ride on the boat to watch?

Yes. Spectators may join any trip with open seats for a fee of $35.

Space for spectators is limited and not guaranteed. Participants who will be flying have boarding priority.

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